I am Jesse Smith.

This is my website.

cartoon sketch of Jesse Smith

Accept no substitute.


My name is Jesse Smith.

My job is to help you make more money. I’m a marketing consultant, graphic designer, and web developer. I have an MBA in Marketing and 16 years of relevant experience.

I also have some creative hobbies. In my spare time, I sometimes write stories and play music.

This is my personal website, where I get to talk about whatever happens to be on my mind. Have fun, take a look around, and please contact me if you have any questions!


I help small business owners make more money.  I sit down with people and talk with them about their target market and their marketing strategy.  How can you grow your business?  Identify the right audience, formulate a message just for them, and communicate that message through appropriately selected media channels.  Read more.
I’m versatile.  I’ve created vector-based logo designs, postcard mailers, trifold brochures, and lots of business cards.  I’ve also done a lot of work with PHP and MySQL for custom web application development, lately emphasizing custom WordPress theme development.  JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, check, check, check.   Read more.
Through the years, I’ve written a number of stories, played in several bands, and even self-published a couple of books and CD’s.  You’ll probably find this section of the website unutterably boring, but if you think you can stand it… Read more.

About Jesse Smith

Professionally, I design graphics, I build websites, and I help small business owners make more money. I run a growing marketing company in Salem Oregon. I’m a member of the Chamber of Commerce and generally a no-nonsense, business-owning, professional sort of guy.

This website is primarily focused on my service offerings as a marketing consultant, graphic designer, and website designer.  Of  course, I’m most excited about consulting, because it’s something I do well that distinguishes me from the competition.  Still, many of the people I talk to tend to be more interested in my web design skills, which is understandable, both because it’s something tangible that allows them to compare me to the competition, and also because it’s something I’ve put a lot of time into, which frankly helps me to compare favorably.

But this is my personal website, and I just wouldn’t be happy with it if it were nothing but an online résumé.  Consequently, this website also includes a self-indulgent list of my creative works, including old short stories I wrote and long-disintegrated bands I used to play in.  These types of creative output remain an important aspect of my self-identity, even if they no longer constitute a substantial component of my daily life.  But sometimes, on the weekends, I still strum a few chords on the old guitar and caterwaul for my family.